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How Much Exercise To Prevent Diabetes?

July 23, 2007

imageswer.jpgExercise and exercise…we know its benefits.  But one thing that really makes me exercise is my risk to develop Diabetes.  We know we can prevent this disease by behavioral therapy like taking care of ones diet and physical activity but doing the exercise for an hour can be TOO MUCH! A lot of friends buy the exercise gadget including the famous treadmill machine…but bet you, if I survey on this site how many of you out there has this machine but has no longer been used it for more than a year?  Any takers?

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) “one in three American children born in 2000 will develop type II diabetes!!!!” So parents take note: 1 in 3. As much as we want to pamper our kids for the lack of time we sometimes spend with them…be the parents or the grandparents who usually spoil these kids ( smile)  with candies, burgers and ice cream… Be AWARE!

But there’s hope:  new study at the University of Missouri-Columbia says that acute exercise — as little as 15 minutes a day — can have a profound influence on preventing and fighting the disease.  That’s easy!!!! 15 minutes is definitely manageable to anybody and am one of those that finds this study rewarding to all of us who feel disappointed about the need to really do the workout for an HOUR! But for guys who just dont have the time…read my other article below this…

This exercise activity is not the exercise of daily living BUT an acute form of exercise which is a bout of activity in which people Actively Participate!!!.  Activities like running, walking or biking for straight 15 minutes!

Remember there is no limit as to the impact of exercise on this disease… it has been proven to be effective at all levels.  Whether you are still trying to ward off this disease because of obesity or you are already a diabetic on medications or even if you are already on insulin for several yearts, exercise can make a difference in improving your body’s response to insulin.

A bit of good news for this week folks!

Only 15 Minutes Of Exercise Can Make A Difference!

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