Do You Have A Family History of Diabetes?

July 17, 2007

1997049824.jpgI always counsel my patients to inform their siblings, relatives and kids regarding the potential risk to develop diabetes in their lifetime.  I often require my patients to bring their kids during their next visit so my counseling and education can be heard and have an impact several fold!

Recently, a study from the International Diabetes Institute, Melbourne, published in the June 19 issue of the journal Circulation has shown that even the very earliest signs of Diabetes can increase the risk of dying from heart disease.  The findings confirm our previous observations that by the time ones fasting blood sugar is increased: 50% of the patients have already signs and symptoms of complications including that of the heart.   Now comes this finding that tells us more: that many more people are at risk of suffering from the complications of diabetes — even BEFORE they are diagnosed with the elevated blood sugar.

One message therefore that this study gives us is:

Dont take any abnormality of blood sugar for granted.  Consider it serious form the very start because any amount of early intervention can mean a lot to ones risk of developing heart attacks and strokes.  Not anly are they disabling but more so a tremendous economic load especially treating the complications!

So whats a normal blood sugar? Anytime your fasting blood sugar exceeds 99 mg/dl is already abnormal! Anytime of the day if your blood sugar reaches 200 even immediately after a meal is already abnormal.  Anytime if your blood sugar 2 hours after a meal is > 140mg/dl is already a red flag!  Now once your fasting blood sugar exceeds 126 mg/dl…that’s Diabetes!

So Take action…if you’re at risk! The earlier you change your lifestyle …the better!

The Earlier We Intervene in Disease… 

The Better Outcome For Health!

6 Responses to “Do You Have A Family History of Diabetes?”

  1. maxim Says:

    Being involved in glucose screening, we encourage the doctors where we have this program to really consider taking the 2 hour PPBG level. For as what you have said, the complications start very early.

  2. Dorothy Says:

    my mom is a diabetic doc, when should I start screening. Scary thought!

  3. Doc Gerry Says:

    Thnaks Max…the point of Maxim is the first abnormality that occurs in any pt is an elevation of one after meal suagr…that is where monitoring 2 hour post prandial bloosd sugar is necessary. If ones fasting is nomrla but an abnormal after meal suagr- this is a state called Impaired Glusoce Tolerance which is a form of Prediabetes. We now have drugs to help these patients.

    To Dorothy, screening for diabetes should start early around 30 especially with a family history of diabetes. For now, just be sure to be careful with what you eat, move as much as you can( not necessarily exercise but day to day activities) and be extra careful with weight gain.

  4. I want to be a part of this section to gain knowledge. Nabasa ko ang mga letter and i found out its very interesting

    • I have also problem with mu uric acid, and blood sugar cholesterol, matatas lahat ito kaya nga nakakaramdam ako ng pagkahilo, binigyn ako ng doctor ko nang para sa hilo serc ito 8mg. everytime susumpongin ako i take this and ang aking uric acid 429 anf inabot but hindi ako binigyan ng doctor ng gamot just magdiet lang daw ako may mga pagkain na bawal sa akin uric okay naman sa cholestrol what are the best food na ito ang dapat kong sundin,

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