Dont Reuse Takeaway Plastic Containers

July 16, 2007

imageser.jpgJust came from Malaysia to attend an emergency meeting for 2 days and while going through the Malaysian Daily read an interesting headline: Plastic Peril.

The main message of the headline was that since takeaway plastic containers are made to be used only once…make sure you dont reuse them nor use them to store your food!  These plastic containers apparently dont have the sturdiness and thermal stability that are present in reusable plastic containers. 

Similar recommnedations were given for plastic mineral water containers…not only is it difficult to clean, the stability of the plastic is also questionable considering the heat and humidity of Malaysia similar to our country.

The recommendations were based on the study done by the Faculty of Medicine, University of Malaysia where in 45 containers examined …at least one chemical was detected in all.  Although the chemical content was low…repeated exposure can result in accumulation of these chemicals esepcially one particle called BBP or Benzyl Butyle Phthalate which in the long run can cause endocrine function abnormalities involving the thyroid and the pancreas!

I am sure a lot of us have the practice of reusing these containers we get from the restaurants and reusing them in reheating foods in the microwave stored in the fridge.  Now we know this is not advisable nor safe!  So always remember…..

Reusing Takeaway Containers Is  Harmful To Your Health!

4 Responses to “Dont Reuse Takeaway Plastic Containers”

  1. maxim Says:

    Thanks for this info Doc.

    Sometimes in our eagerness to recycle things and be environmentally conscious, we inadvertently peril ourselves.

  2. Doc Gerry Says:

    Bullseye Max… yup one reason we tend to reuse these containers is the practice of recycling things to avoid waste and to conserve or economize without entertaining the thoughts of our actions can harm our health in the long run.

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