The Will Power To Stop The Urge To Eat…

July 11, 2007

3582617281.jpgI follow this simple principle to following a strict dietary habit that I feel is the most rewarding in terms of curbing one’s desire to eat… and eat MORE!

When I see a patient in the clinic who is apparently Gaining Weight or with fluctuating blood sugars especially 2 hours after a meal, I know there is a problem of Discipline and Will Power. The Urge to Eat defeated his Desire to stop eating and as a result, the patient gains weight and has high blood sugar levels. 

Because of my family history of Diabetes with my two siblings having Prediabetes, my risk is high to have the same problem…so I follow what I preach to my patient.  Experience wise…I know the Will Power should defeat the Urge To eat!

It may not be easy but it’s a doable thing.  I eat my oat meal for breakfast at around 6 AM. I then have a half of a sandwich by 9 AM plus a cup of Kafe Latte which I place in my coffee heater and have small sips in between patients and finish it by 12N.  Dont wait before you feel hungry beofre having lunch- eat at 12N whether you’re hungry or not! Sometimes the Desire to eat more can be rather strong but if you have the Will Power then after finishing a plate of half a cup of rice, 1 slice of meat/fish and veggies you should STAND UP and leave the dining table and start working on something else.  If you continue to nurture that desire to eat then definitely you will eat more! Then the guilt feeling starts to sink in once you feel bloated and FULL! You therefore FAILED!

Then slowly, you will notice that you feel good because you were disciplined enough to know when to stop and fight that bad desire to make you sick!

Remember my simple meassage of Will Power… and if you carry this habit for life… then I guarantee you good health.  Remember also that everything that comes out in our body comes from what and how much we put inside our mouths! Out due to IN!

Have the Will Power To Fight The Urge To Eat For Health! 

4 Responses to “The Will Power To Stop The Urge To Eat…”

  1. Don Mike Says:

    Nice tip Doc. More!

  2. maxim Says:

    Willpower… this is indeed what we need.

    By giving concrete steps on how we can have stronger willpower, it is much easier for us now to tame our eating urges.

  3. […] the foods that can fit in a plate and that’s it! I have written about it here in my website: The Will Power To Stop the Urge To Eat suggesting that the food should consist of rice, 2 slices of meat, 2 cups of vegetables and a fruit. […]

  4. en iyi Cift tarafli 3M Bant

    Possibly you must consider this from far much more than 1 angle.

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