The Truth About Sex and Aging….

June 23, 2007

3046855028.jpgIt may be true that as we age, our sex life tends to deteriorate “literally”.  The frequency of sex may now be a factor due to more stresses in life both on the part of the husband and wife.  Likewise the notion that sex in older people is a “taboo” and not to be talked about is no longer acceptable.

Sex will always be a part of a good relationship.  And no matter how old, sex should be an essential element to a happy and healthy companionship.

The AARP recently in America held a survey on the topic Sexuality at Midlife and these are some of the interesting facts that came out:

  • 5 out of six respondents strongly disagree with the statement that “Sex is only for younger people.”
  • 6 out of 10 people considered that sexual activity is indeed a crucial part of a good relationship.
  • 10% of adults accepted the fact that they don’t particularly enjoy sex
  • 12% agreed never having sex again would be okay!
  • For the majority, the results from the study show that sexual activity is a critical part of a good relationship, and that a satisfying sexual relationship is an important factor affecting quality of life.

We have to accept the fact that as our body changes with age, so do the changes of sexuality follow.  Hormanal changes that occur especially with the declining testosterone levels in men resulting in loss of desire and erectile dysfunction as well as in women resulting in the loss of libido all contribute to the decline in sexuality.  But the good news is… there are now ways to address these medical needs so as we can continue to enjoy this one thing in life that is free and enjoyable!

Live stress as part of ones life and not let it deter you to enjoy sex.  If your mind is so preoccupied with the other thoughts then the pleasure from sex will be lost and depression can set in.  Stress maybe unavoidable but solving the problems besetting us should be done outside the bedroom!

There’s  no age limit to enjoying sex…there’s no limit to the frequency of sex.  Enjoy every minute of it and just have FUN!

Living and Aging Graciously Equates Wonderful Sex! 

4 Responses to “The Truth About Sex and Aging….”

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  3. Janess Says:

    The forum is a birthger place thanks to your posts. Thanks!

  4. kayla Says:

    thaaanks for this site lol. had a project due about sex and the elderly and this site was a great help for my research.


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