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Are Your Kids Addicted To Video Games?

June 27, 2007

3788732059.jpgAny form of addiction from food to video games can be “life threatening”. You have heard stories of a kid having lost his life after losing a game online. And when the American Medical Association started to voice out specific concern to include Video Game Addiction as a disease means…it’s now becoming a problem!

According to the AMA council, “up to 90 percent of American youngsters play video games and as many as 15 percent of them – more than 5 million kids – may be addicted.”  Likewise, it further noted that: “dependence-like behaviors are more likely in children who start playing video games at younger ages.”

According to the Associated Press release:

Overuse most often occurs with online role-playing games involving multiple players, the report says. Blizzard Entertainment’s teen-rated, monster-killing World of Warcraft is among the most popular. A company spokesman declined to comment on whether the games can cause addiction.

The telltale signs are ominous: teens holing up in their rooms, ignoring friends, family, even food and a shower, while grades plummet and belligerence soars. The culprit isn’t alcohol or drugs. It’s video games, which for certain kids can be as powerfully addictive as heroin, some doctors contend.

So guys…beware.  Check your kids before it’s too late and before it becomes an Addiction!

Are Your Kids Playing Too Much Video Games?