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Tips to Overcome WORRY…

June 18, 2007

2741649040.jpgEver so often I have patients who worry too much on something that for me is so trivial that needs no worrying.  To worry can be normal but prolonged worrying can be bad!  The stress hormones associated with worrying can result in long term harm to ones body. I beleive in counting my blessings first before I start to consider if this thing is worth my worrying or not!

Worrying from time to time is normal, even healthy, because it is the body’s way to respond to threatening situations. But be careful because if this continues for long this will lead to anxiety and panic attacks and the obsession of something is going to happen to you will occupy your whole self leading to a destructive self image.  How then can we deal with worries?

Here are some tips that I got from the Harvard Health Beat:

What If You Are Just Plain Worried?

Not everyone who suffers from frequent worry has an anxiety disorder. If you don’t have anxiety disorder, but think you worry too much, the following advice may help. Practice relaxation techniques. Listen to music or to relaxation recordings to take your mind off whatever is worrying you. Or try progressive muscle relaxation.

Exercise regularly. Studies have found that exercise improves mood and modestly decreases anxiety symptoms. Aim for at least 30 minutes of moderate activity on all, or most days.

Consider biofeedback. Biofeedback helps you become aware of your body’s responses to stress and teaches you control them using relaxation and cognitive techniques.

Think twice: Is it worth my time? Is it worth my worry?

Count Your Many Blessings and Ask: Do I Need To Worry?