Yoga and Your Weight…

June 13, 2007

2622133215.jpgExercise your body has been shown to help lead healthier lives.  But there may be some exercises which make a person more inclined to eat.  It is now known that aerobic exercises like running can trigger this response.  But a study conducted on yoga proved this to be a better option in helping patient maintain weight or be conscious of their body image resulting in weight loss.

But waht is Yoga?  According to Wikipedia: Yoga is a group of ancient spiritual; practices that originated form India and has become primarily associated with the practice of asanas  or postures.  You can see several yoga centers anywhere in the world but I have only come accross this article only now that looked at the benefit of yoga on weight.

It is said that “Yoga may make women feel better about their bodies, steering them away from eating disorders.”, according to a  new study  published in Psychology of Women Quarterly by affecting the mind-body relationship.  Likewise, yoga may actually help prevent and treat eating disorders.

In the study, the authors compared women who practiced yoga regularly with those who did other forms of exercise. Women who hadn’t done either form of exercise for at least two years were also included.  The result showed that yoga indeed can affect a persons attitude to self image and may in fact affect bad eating habits that may lead one to gain weight.

Here’s one tip for those desiring to exercise but is confused as to what regimen to use.  Is Yoga good for you?  Well based on this study… it has benefits.  Its a form of mind and body relaxation and an activity that may prove to work for you! 

Cheers To Yoga!

One Response to “Yoga and Your Weight…”

  1. Claire Says:

    Oh! I think i’ll go for this Yoga thing. It seems so interesting.. All i need really is a mind and physical exercise.

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