High Protein Diet and Alzheimers’ Dsiease: Is There a Link?

October 27, 2009

Go to fullsize imageThe famous FAD diet fo the century is the Atkins or High Protein diets.  Short term weight loss made these diets so popular that even the medical community has to take a second look.

One new possible side effect of  this FAD-  high protein diet is believed to be neurotoxicity that can possibly lead to premature aging or alzheimers disease. 

In a recent study published in Molecular Neurodegeneration, 2009, 4:40 (21 October 2009), animal studies involving mice that were fed with this kind of diet resulted in having brains that apprently shrank.  This clinically may therefore be relevant to the onset of forgetfulness in the long run to humans.

This study is experimental but may be a signal to further develop a prospective study to elucidate the important effects of a high protein diet in the brain on humans.  Whether this is true to any age group or not remains to be seen.

In my practice, I maybe a maverick in terms of  prescribing a specific diet plan for my pateints BUT ive always been against any FAD diets which I know will only result in short term results rather than long term outcomes.

Better Still… Be Well by Eating Right!

3 Responses to “High Protein Diet and Alzheimers’ Dsiease: Is There a Link?”

  1. Sharon Says:

    I lost a lot of weight 20 some years ago on the Atkins diet and of course, it all came back when I quit with his restricted diet. I’m now losing weight at a healthy rate of 2-3 lbs per week eating a fresh, wholesome well-rounded diet and it makes sense to me that unbalanced diets, which take away the options of fresh fruits and whole grains is going to cause problems of some sort. Our problem isn’t so much that we eat too many carbs, it’s that we consume refined foods with artificial processing, chemicals and the like, which render it far from nature, and far from what our bodies recognize and need. My body has thanked me in many ways for going back to what suits it… and I’m learning to enjoy the tastes of natural foods so much more than the sterile over salted, over sweetened over processed foods on most grocery store shelves.

    Thanks for another enlightening article.

  2. Completely I share your opinion. It seems to me it is good idea. I agree with you.

    Greetings from the Speedy DNS

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