Walking versus Jogging

October 12, 2009

Walking as an exercise is the simplest form of activity.  I used to walk at least 4x a week.  That has been my form of exercise eversince I decided to emabark on a healthy lifestyle.   BUT I was not really consistent in doing so. There was always a reason for me not to do it this day or the next day. 

But when I started a new regimen of activity after I had a blood sugar of 96 ( with my strong family hist0ry and being the youngest of 9 with a diabetic mother: my risk is pretty high)…and a BMI of 26…I was definitely overweight… I found the differerence between simply brisk walking and running or actually jogging.

I only jog.  Meaning leisurely running 5 km per hour.  I posted my regimen before as the WOG: where I Walk and Jog but for the past several months Ive elevated the activity to all- jogging for 45 min per day. 

 The difference in terms of stamina, ” the feeling good” after the exercise and the “urge” to do it again the next day was something I did not feel whan I was brisk walking.  The sweating was 100 x more and the ” good sense of well being” feeling after the exercise was experienced even more!  I guess the endorphins are really kicking in when you sweat more and do more strenuous activities than just by simply walking without sweating it out!

The added factor to this exercise activity is of coure the maintenance of ones weight.  So far with my diet regimen and my jogging, Ive successfully maintained my weight and BMI of 22.

So guys… which is better?

Try it yourself and you make a choice.  Whatever your choice is …both are great activities to keep you healthy!

16 Responses to “Walking versus Jogging”

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  2. John P. Says:

    Doc, great to hear that you’re running! Hope to see you soon in one of the every-Sunday 5K races. Jogging/Running/Walking alongside hundreds of others will get you even more excited with running. See you soon!

  3. Dr. Nilda Manalo Says:

    I’m really so amazed you did lose that much and maintained your present BMI, but of course it’s really very hard to implement that to the patients esp in their age now. What’s the best minimum activity you can advise for them? thanks…

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Hi Nilda… Minimum activity to lose weight is really a daily workout not 3x a week. If you cant do it in one setting then 3 sessions of a 10 min activity has the same metabolic effect as a one time 30 min session.

  4. Dr. Nilda Manalo Says:

    On Oct 24, 2009 there would be a simultanous human run all over for those using nike+ gadget, hope your one of them.You can run elsewhere, just synchronize your gadget with nike+, hope you can also register there and have fun…

  5. Robor Says:

    Thanks for article. Everytime like to read you.

  6. sheryl Says:

    hi , i recently found out i have high blood pressure and cholesterol.i need help i cannot believe i have this unable to relate help !!!!

  7. dawnallred Says:

    Interesting. I walk, play tennis, treadmill, do butt-burner classes. Variety helps me.

    But I don’t jog or run. Looks like I should give it a go.

    Do you worry at all about the impact on your knees and feet?

  8. Doc Gerry Says:

    Hi Dawn, very interesting question. Please await my post on this subject matter to clarify once and for all regarding the relationshiop between running and joint injuries.

  9. dre Says:

    I don’t think walking is good at all. You have to be walking really fast to get your heart rate to even 130.

    If you want to really work out your heart you should be aiming for over 140 bpm, but it depends on your age.

    A good rule of thumb is if your not sweating than you need to move a little faster.

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