Take Action on Your Weight!!! The Risks Associated with Being Overweight…

February 28, 2009

Go to fullsize imageBeing overweight needs immediate action!  Thats why when I registered a BMI of 25.6 with a fasting blood sugar of 96, I decided to take action and become healthier with my diet and physical activity.  Being overweight carries with it chronic diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol problem.  Not mentioning stroke and heart attack as endpoints!

For year 2009: Its NOW a Global Call to action as more and more children and adolescence are gaining weight.  There’s no time to sit back and relax on this matter as inaction means DISASTER in the long run for these children!

A recent study published in www.bmj.com showed that obese adolescents have the same risk of premature death in adulthood as people who smoke more than 10 cigarettes a day!!!!   This is indeed a scary thought.

Those who are overweight have the same risk as less heavy smokers.

BMI is a measure of your weight according to your height.  For Caucasians, a BMI of >25 if already overweight but for Asians, a lower BMI of 23 is considered abnormal already.

What if one is underweight?

Being underweight carries with it a better prognosis  as it carries with it no increased risk, irrespective of smoking status.  However, if you are also too thin with a a body mass index of less than 17; then it carried with it the same risk of premature death as being overweight.

The study suggests therefore that being OBESE and Overweight at the age of  18 carries the same risk of premature death as being too thin!  Both conditions stem from poor nutrition either too much or too little.

Its not late to start and do something for yourself or for our kids…. NOW!

Life is short..Take time to Take Care of your HEALTH!

One Response to “Take Action on Your Weight!!! The Risks Associated with Being Overweight…”

  1. maxim Says:

    This is a daunting challenge for our kids because fast food is just around anywhere and the potent and compelling ads on tv about Jollibee and Mcdo and other chains keep on feeding their young minds.

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