Quit Smoking and Get Back Your Health…

December 11, 2008

Smoking is indeed addicting.  A lot of smokers know the risks but cant help themselves to quit smoking.  It is actually easier said than done… similar to asking patients to eat less to lose weight!

The good news is…quitting smoking can do a lot of things to reverse the bad efffects of smoking done to ones body and therefore, it is never too late to QUIT.

The Harvard News Letter nicely summarized how the body responds immediately to weeks and months after quitting smoking:

Why bother? Even if you’ve smoked for years, you’ll greatly improve your health.

  • Within days, your blood vessels will regain much of the normal function that is damaged by smoking.
  • Within weeks, you’ll be able to taste food better, and your sense of smell will recover from tobacco’s assault.
  • Within months, symptoms of chronic bronchitis ease up, and lung function improves within a year.
  • Quitting reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke within two to five years.
  • And the risk of lung cancer begins to drop substantially within five to nine years of quitting.

More benefits await one that will decide to come clean this Christmas and the New Year. 

What better Christmas gift to give to oneself than a Clean bill of health… and what better resolution to have for oneself is to Aim for Discipline for Good Health for the New Year!

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