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Cancer Is On The RISE… Blame the Lifestyle…

December 12, 2008

Cancer is on the rise year after year… why?

It is set to overtake Cardiovascular disease as the number one killer…why?

Blame it on the poor eating habits and bad lifestyle … the “western” habits of enjoying life!…so BEWARE!

Here’s the excerpt of the recent media release of the International Research on Cancer in cooperation with the American Heart Association:

the burden of cancer doubled globally between 1975 and 2000 and is set to double again by 2020 and nearly triple by 2030.

The report—which was discussed at an event in Atlanta this week called Conquering Cancer: A Global Effort—says that low- and middle-income countries will experience the impact of higher cancer incidence and death rates more sharply than industrialized countries.

WHY? Apparently the cause of this rise is similar to why cardiovascualr disease used to be number 1:

  • Poor eating habits: high fat low fiber, high calorie foods…they are just so yummy that we cant afford not to eat and enjoy them at the expense of diseases!  They is too short…lets enjoy whatever we food we like.  I love that saying life is too short therefore we should enjoy…I do BUT I dont like to suffer and endure a hard suffering and ending.  That’s the main reason I am careful!  Poor eating habits have been blamed to be the culprit of OBESITY…obesity on the other hand is responsible for increasing the prevalence of breast cancer and other cancers.  The link between food intake and obesity to diseases are getting closer and closer and becoming dangerously closely linked!
  • Smoking and tobacco use: a known culprit of chronic illness but up to now continues to be a major health issue. 

Just a BAD habit to break so everyone says.  Again for me…just like losing all boils down to the plain D as in DISCIPLINE!

Life is too short…I agree.  But live it well… take care of the short life.  Be healthy and enjoy a wonderful healthy sense of well being!