LICKING…A Way To Speed Up Wound Healing

August 6, 2008

Out of reflex…the moment we feel pain in any part of the body especially our fingers…our immediate reflex is to bring that finger into our mouth and start licking it.   I do the same all the time…believing that it eases the pain, and stops the bleeding!  And in reality, we were actually all right!

Now comes a study showing that indeed licking the wound with our saliva can accelerate wound healing.  This study will be published in the November issue of Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology.

A specific compound found in human saliva that has the potential to heal wounds is the product called HISTATIN which in experimental studies have been shown to have antibacterial properties. Meaning this substance can indeed KILL the bacteria!  We were actually doing right in curing our small wound through licking through these years! 

This indeed is also great news especially the potential of this  product to be the answer to our diabetics with recurring and chronic ulcers since these non healing wounds can result in major morbidity and disabilty due to amputation.

Let’s wait therefore for commercial quantities of this product soon to be in the market.  In the same line as alcohol gels or handwashing lotions….

And for the meantine…stick with our tongues and continue licking … it’s easy and FREE!

2 Responses to “LICKING…A Way To Speed Up Wound Healing”

  1. wilson ng Says:

    Hi Doc,

    If it is an open wound, would there be a risk of infection or contamination if the one doing the licking is not healthy? Does that practice spread viruses or illness?

  2. Doc Gerry Says:

    Fortunately if you use your own saliva :)…no infections were reported. In fact, better healing results.

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