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A Hearty Breakfast Equals Weight Loss?

July 10, 2008

This new study again refutes what has been said about the low carb hype.

We all know the breakfast is an important meal. In this website, I have emphasized that skipping breakfast equals weight gain equals metabolic syndrome. Therefore it is a must that we all have to break the fast to maintain our weight and be healthy.

In the recent convention of the Endocrine Society, one abstract that caught the attention of many was the study comparing the low carb high fat high protein diet versus high carb, high protein low fat diet.


The low-carb diet allowed 1,085 calories a day with 17 grams of carbohydrates, 51 grams of protein, and 78 grams of fat. Breakfast for members of this group was to be 290 calories with 7 grams of carbohydrates and 12 grams of protein.
The modified form of this diet allowed 1,240 calories a day with less total fat (46 grams) but more carbs (97 grams) and protein (93 grams). The main feature was a 610-calorie “big breakfast” accounting for about half of the daily carbohydrates (58 grams), protein (47 grams), and fat (22 grams).

During the first 16-week weight-loss phase, the big-breakfast group lost about the same amount of weight as the low-carb group (10.6 kg versus 12.6) with no significant difference between groups.

During the following 16-week maintenance phase, though, the groups’ experience diverged. The big-breakfast group continued losing weight and reached an average 21.3% weight loss by the end of the trial (18.1 kg below baseline).

The low-carb group, on the other hand, regained much of the weight lost to end at just 4.5% below baseline (4.3 kg). The protein- and carbohydrate-heavy breakfast appeared to regulate hunger cues, the researchers said.

Visual analog scale scores after breakfast for the two groups were improved with the big-breakfast diet compared with the low carb diet for the following:

  • Hunger (P=0.018)
  • Feeling of still being able to eat a lot more food (P=0.001)
  • Fullness (P=0.001)
  • Satiety (P=0.07)

The difference in fullness extended beyond lunch and through 11 p.m. (P=0.001).


This study suggests that having a heart high carb and high protein breakfast translates to lesser craving for sweets and lesser hunger.  Again as we emphasized in any weight loss counseling, it is not recommended that patients trying to lose weight are on a dietary regimen that makes them feel hungry.

This is one study that I will wait for the final posting in a peer reviewed journal.  It would be nice to see how the study was conducted and see where the flaws could be and whether this can be translated into clinical practice.

For now…

Eat Your Breakfast To Help You Lose Weight!