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In Quest For More Learning…

April 15, 2008

I will not be able to update my blog for this week because I will be attending the Mayo Endocrine Course in Mallorca, Spain which will officially start tomorrow April 16.

This will be an opportunity to review the latest in Endocrinology with my former mentors who fortunately after having graduated there for my fellowship 10 years ago… 14 of the professors who will be giving lectures were my former mentors. Two of the speakers were my former co-fellows…so it will be worth the learning and the fun of meeting them again in Spain.

As doctors , we continue to study and learn the new trends in diagnosing and treating diseases from the world experts. Will continue to do so in the near future so as i can provide the best care to my patients assuring them of what is right and what is best!

In quest for more learning…I may be out of my clinic but rest assured…it is for the best of everyone so I can provide the best care possible.

Learning should be Continuous…it should have no END!