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Lower Your Risk To Develop Diabetes By Eating Veggies….

March 24, 2008 all know veggies are good.  But this recent finding that veggies can prevent diabetes is a welcome news to us trying to curb the epidemic of this disease due to unhealthly lifestyle and poor dietary habits.

I have trained my kids to eat veggies.  I found it amusing that one day my son said to me:  “Dad my classmates are teasing me that I am a Vegetarian!”  Suggesting that of all his classmates, he was the only one who had veggies on his lunch box.  Lucky me… my kids love veggies….and for a good reason!

This good news about veggies and diabetes was published in the March 2008 issue of the Journal of Nutrition:


A population-based prospective study of 64,191 women with no history of T2D or other chronic diseases at study recruitment and with valid dietary information.

The relative risk for T2D for the upper quintile relative to the lower quintile of vegetable intake was 0.72 (95%CI: 0.61–0.85; P < 0.01) in multivariate analysis. Individual vegetable groups were all inversely and significantly associated with the risk of T2D.

Fruit intake was not associated with the incidence of diabetes in this population.

Our data suggest that vegetable consumption may protect against the development of T2D.


This data is great suggesting that those who consumed the highest amount of vegiies in 4-5 years reduced the likelihood of developing diabetes by 28%.  That is… taking 428 grams of veggies per day reduced ones chances to develop this chronic disabling disease compared to if you only take 121 grams of veggies per day!

The advantages of veggies is that it contains high fiber as well as other substances like phytates and isoflavones that may help in reducing the risk for developing diabetes.

Although fruits did not show benefit…it likewise did not show harm.  Just the same fruits have been shown to reduce the risk of developing other diseases like cancer or heart disease.  Such that… its intake remains to be a cornerstone in promoting health!

Train Yourself and Your Kids To Eat Veggies for Health!