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Want Your Kids To Lose Weight?

March 5, 2008

Go to fullsize imageA new study published in the Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine showed that cutting TV and Computer time can increase a child’s chances of controlling and losing weight. 

In a prepared statement from the authors…they theorized that:

  • “Television viewing is related to consumption of fast food and foods and beverages that are advertised on television,”
  • “Viewing cartoons with embedded food commercials can increase choice of the advertised item in preschoolers, and television commercials may prompt eating.”

The bottom line is: by restricitng TV time then the children can do other physical activites aside from benefiting from less exposure to food ads and therefore less chances for them to eat unhealthy junk.

My kids love cartoons and of course computer games.  But they’re off limits during school days.  Only when they finish their study period earlier that I allow them to play their PSP but restiricted to 30 minutes only.  The kid’s room has no cable so they cant watch cartoon network or other cable channels where junk food ads are in abundance.  They can however watch cartoon movies where I know nothing out of the box commercials promoting something I dont agree with will pop out in surprise!

I am a true follower of the above regulation in our house with regard to restricting TV and computer times and glad to say am pretty successful with my kids school and study habits PLUS improving their …

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