Exercise As An Investment In Life…. Offers Great Returns!

February 12, 2008

Go to fullsize imageExercise can reduce risk of death!!!

Exercise can make you live longer and make you enjoy your life better. We know this for centuries but lifestyle continues to be one big struggle for doctors to ask their patients to comply. 

That’s the conclusion reached in a study recently published in Circulation Feb 2008.


Methods and Results— We assessed the association between exercise capacity and mortality in  male veterans with and without cardiovascular disease who successfully completed a treadmill exercise test at the Veterans Affairs Medical Centers in Washington, DC, and Palo Alto, Calif. Fitness categories were based on peak metabolic equivalents (METs) achieved. Subjects were followed up for all-cause mortality for 7.5±5.3 years.

Among clinical and exercise test variables, exercise capacity was the strongest predictor of risk for mortality. The adjusted risk was reduced by 13% for every 1-MET increase in exercise capacity

  • Compared with those who achieved <5 METs, the mortality risk was 50% lower for those with an exercise capacity of 7.1 to 10 METs
  • 70% lower for those achieving >10 METs 
  •  The findings were similar for those with and without cardiovascular disease.

ConclusionsExercise capacity is a strong predictor of all-cause mortality !


So the study suggests…the more we exercise and the more calories we burn resulting in a better shape and better exercise capacity, the longer we live!  A 70% reduction in the risk of death is GREAT news for exercise lovers! There you go guys…. it’s about time that we sit down and think…how much do we love ourselves.  Are we doing things to satisfy our ambitions in life with great disregard to our well being?

We may be great thinkers, scholars or successful businessmen… we may be great in everything we do BUT our body also deserves to be treated right.  Success in life comes in different forms and all come from doing what you think is best!

If you therefore want to to enjoy that success and live longer…enjoy the fruits of your labor longer…enjoy life and have more fun times with your kids and family… then take the extra steps to health.  Just like what you do in taking the extra effort to be successful in your careers and goals in life.  So take time to Exercise…It is indeed an investment worthy of its great returns…..

Take The Extra Time To EXERCISE!!!

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