Fish Oil and Weight Loss

February 7, 2008

Go to fullsize imageA new look at Fish Oil as a supplement with significant impact in terms of improving health. This new study looked at fish oil in patients without high triglycerides and found some interesting results.

The study was published by French Investigators in the December 2007 issue of the Americal Journal of Nutrition:



A moderate dose of n–3 PUFAs for 2 mo reduced adiposity and atherogenic markers without deterioration of insulin sensitivity in subjects with type 2 diabetes. Some adipose tissue inflammation-related genes were also reduced. These beneficial effects could be linked to morphologic and inflammatory changes in adipose tissue.


I usually discourage my patients from taking fish oil because of its propensity to increase blood sugar.  The above findings though showed that a dose of 1.8 gms has negligible effects on sugar but actually have beneficial improvement in adiposity (or deposition of fat tissue) as well as biochemical parameters of inflammation ( parameters that increase the risk of heart disease) is a welcome news to all especially those who hate eating fish!

Caution however should be made to patients who are concomitantly taking anti-clotting medications since majority of patients taking fish oil have concomitant heart disease.

There you go… studies on supplements that are acceptable to the medical community is really a welcome endeavor. Although more similar researches should be done to confirm the findings.

Fish Oil May Indeed Have Health Benefits!

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