The Balance of Work and Rest

June 29, 2009

This month has been extra busy for me.  Usual excuse for having neglected this website for almost a month!!!! 

 After attending the Annual Endocrine Society Convention in Washington DC…  before I overcame my jet lag, I had a scheduled lecture on Diabetes Management in Tagaytay attended by around 250 doctors nationwide.  Then another scheduled lecture within that week in Manila attended by another 250 doctors from Asian Countries in Dusit Hotel.  Immediately after my lecture , I had a scheduled meeting  with the Board of the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists Philippine Chapter for our joint international meeting in Mactan Shangrila with AACE US in August.  

Then…. I have to go back to Cebu by that day because it was going to be Fathers Day the nxt day and I promised myself to spend that day with my wife and kids!  And boy did we have FUN!  

Without asking permission from my kids ( which am sure they wont say YES)  the next day I have to fly back again to Manila to attend another meeting then flew back to Cebu the next day to give another lecture Tuesday night in Marriot Hotel. 

And in between those scehdules were scheduled meetings with the Pharma Industries Product Managers and National Sales Managers.  WHEW!!!!

Finally the weekend came!  Rewarding myself with a weekend in Shangrila Mactan with my Saturday off and spending that day for leisure was worth the break I needed.  Spending time with my kids and pampering myself with a massage were rejuventaing enough for another week of work!

I guess in life… to enjoy one’s work, one has to balance it with fun and rest!  If one has time to spend work with and for others…so much more of a reason that one should and MUST  FIND time for yourself and your family!  I guess it’s an OBLIGATION rather than a LUXURY!

For me…money should NOT be the sole purpose of living but we USE money to provide a better life for you and your loved ones!  Therefore to achieve that purpose is to prioritize yourself above money and to make sure one has the Best of HEALTH to be able to achieve what you want to pursue in life.  Never should WEALTH take over HEALTH!

The balancing act in life  maybe difficult but if practiced in ones life… this can lead to a more productive , Healthy and FUN environment for yourself and your loved ones. 

And if possible…balance your work with rest and fun everyday and every moment you can! 

Enjoy Your Day Folks… and Glad that AM BACK!


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