A Quick Note on Exercise and Diabetes…

January 15, 2009

This past week has been extra busy for me and my staff in the clinical research unit because our site has been audited by the European Medicine Agency- the US counterpart of US FDA . My research site has been enrolling a significant number of patients and for that, this is to assure that the site is doing things according to international standards and making sure of patient safety.  This is I understand is the first of my sponsor, the first for my site and the first for Asia Pacific region.  But once we passed this inspection, I can then proudly say, we are EMEA “accreditied” 🙂

Just the same, no matter how busy one is, there should be no excuse why one cant exercise.  As Ive said in my previous post, I have lost weight and been trying to maintain my weight to prevent the onset of diabetes.  And the best way to prevent the onset of diabetes continues to be the PLAIN “E”. And I want to share this quick information regarding exercise and diabetes:

One hour of brisk walking a day cuts your Type II diabetes risk by 50% according to the Nurse’s Health Study. Many physicians recommend walking and exercise to help diabetics with weight and maintaining their blood sugar levels.

3 Responses to “A Quick Note on Exercise and Diabetes…”

  1. maxim Says:

    I wish you the best in the accreditation process Doctor!

    Personally, my experience too when quite busy is to exercise. It makes me recharged and on the process makes me more lucid on how to do things more efficiently how complex they may be.

  2. maxim Says:

    Congrats Doctor!

    We now have a world-class clinical research center!

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