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My Advise for a Practical and Doable Way to Lose Weight!

November 29, 2008

I happened to be in Manila yesterday to attend the blessing of our society’s AACE office then had a meeting till 12N then another meeting at 1PM then another event at 6:30 PM.  And throughout the day from the time I got to the airport to the time I was in the Blessing…I was asked only ONE question…How did I lose weight?!

Can you imagine me retelling the reason and the way I did to more than 15 people up to the time I got back to airport early morning today ….so I thought of this topic should be retold and discussed in my website….

The best way to help yourself avoid the probelms of the new century is to mainitain a healthy weight.  And if you are overweight then the best gift you can give to yourself for the holidays is to lose weight.  I did it for health reasons since I am at risk to become a diabetic being the youngest of a family of 9 with a mother who is a diabetic.

I am not a fan of any fad diet and will never be. I believe a high protein diet can help one lose weight but I dont believe it as the magic formula for wieght loss and I know the effect will not last long term.

My prescription for a successful weight loss is plain and simple cutting down on calorie intake PERIOD!  Sounds Boring but it works and heres how I did it:

Three key points: 1) set a goal 2) work on it 3) maintain on the strategy.

Simple way of cutting calories? Heres my Practical DOABLE advise:

Get a little rice, a serving of meat and veggies then eat… after the portions are consumed…assess if you still need more BUT NOT because you like the food BUT based on whether you’re still hungry or full already.  If you FEEL full…then stop…leave the table and o something else.  SIMPLE? yes… but in reality the temptation to eat more is so strong that if you dont have the DISCIPLINE to achieve the goal you have set for you to do… then the strategy will FAIL!  THAT’s IT!

That is my strategy..meaning…I eat what I like but I stop once I feel full. Simple and yet perfect in cutting down a lot of calories.

The problem with our society nowadays is that we use food for COMFORT…to Destress our minds…and to ENJOY but at the expense of HEALTH!

Then I do my afternoon exercise of enjoying my iPod while brisk walking. Enjoy the sceneries my friends…enjoy the fresh air and get out of your web!!!!

For the Holidays…Watch OUT for the FOOD!  Yummmy!!!!