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How To Be Active Without Trying….

October 22, 2008

Physical activity is part of the equation of fitness and weight maitenance. 

“Easier said than done”, everyone knows it best that exercise is key to a healthy lifestyle.  Excuses to avoid feeling guilty continue to be part of what makes us believe that we just dont have enough time to exercise!  But new studies have been published that physical activity need not be a structured time frame that we should follow … rather any activity should be the norm to our day to day life.  In short…as long as one does not follow a sedentary lifestyle… one should be better off following an active lifestyle.

Heres a new study Published in the journal Current Opinions in Endocrinology that proves nothing is better than just being active:


Purpose of review: To discuss the potential importance of spontaneous physical activity in regulating body weight and outline possible reasons for the large interindividual variance in spontaneous physical activity.

Recent findings: Spontaneous physical activity is highly variable among people, with some having high levels and some low, and can contribute significantly to interindividual differences in total daily energy expenditure. Cross-sectionally, spontaneous physical activity is inversely related to body weight; however, more importantly, spontaneous physical activity is inversely associated with weight gain in prospective studies, and experimental weight perturbations do not appear to change spontaneous physical activity behavior. Spontaneous physical activity is a familial trait and is biologically influenced, although the environment exerts a significant impact.

Summary: Although spontaneous physical activity is a biologically driven behavior, interventions to increase nonexercise activity within the workplace and school hold promise in increasing daily energy expenditure for the average sedentary American. However, many large-scale efforts will need to take place within our sedentary-promoting environment to encourage more daily spontaneous physical activity-related activity.


This new study tells us one thing: No more EXCUSES!!!!

Any spontaneous movement or activity is better.  Even fidgety movements while sitting down working on your computer and other daily tasks that require activity is more than enough for the body to be healthy.  Any household chores and any walking to the workplace or the act of getting something are activities of daily living that can help with energy expenditure. These nonexercise activities should not be a problem for anyone to follow.  Meaning NO MORE EXCUSES!

There you go… The best way to be active without really trying ( going to a gym) is to be more active in our day to day activities. Do it everyday and make it part of a habit and you’re on your way to healthier you!