How to Prevent Erectile Dysfunction….

July 7, 2008

One of the many aspects in life that we desire is to be happy in all areas of our daily activities…and that includes nighttime responsibilities of a husband to the partner! And what comes worst is the problem of impotence or erectile dysfunction due to medical diseases like diabetes or non medical like psychological in nature…being the most common cause.

Now comes a very interesting piece of information for all of us! This study on how we can prevent the problem of poor sex life due to erection problems was recently published in the American Journal of Medicine, July 2008.



Erectile dysfunction is common among men aged more than 60 years. Its cause involves both physiologic and psychosocial factors.


Data were analyzed from a population-based 5-year follow-up study that was conducted in Pirkanmaa, Finland, using postal questionnaires. The study sample consisted of 989 men aged 55 to 75 years (mean 59.2 years).

The most common comorbidities were hypertension (32%), heart disease (12%), depression (7%), diabetes (4%,) and cerebrovascular disorder (4%).


The overall incidence of moderate or complete erectile dysfunction was 32 cases per 1000 person-years (95% confidence interval [CI], 27-38). After adjustment for comorbidity and other major risk factors:

  1. men reporting intercourse less than once per week at baseline had twice the incidence of erectile dysfunction compared with those reporting intercourse once per week (79 vs 33/1000, incidence rate ratio 2.2, 95% CI, 1.3-3.8).
  2. The risk of erectile dysfunction was inversely related to the frequency of intercourse.
  3. No relationship between morning erections and incidence of moderate or severe erectile dysfunction was found.


Regular intercourse protects against the development of erectile dysfunction among men aged 55 to 75 years.

This may have an impact on general health and quality of life; therefore, doctors should support patients’ sexual activity.


Yes…I fully support my patients sexual activity because I know it is a very important cause of depression among my diabetic patients. In fact this is one of the reasons why I am very aggressive in treating my diabetic patients especially if they are also hypertensives because I want them to preserve the fun of sex and avoid the problem of impotence later in life.

So doing it more frequently is the way to go!!!!  What a fun way to prevent a disease… the more the better…

Enjoy Life…Have More …The Better!

4 Responses to “How to Prevent Erectile Dysfunction….”

  1. Steve Grubbs Says:

    I have had this problem for about three or four years. My sex life was not that good before that.We had great sex before we got married,but after a short while she just always had a headache or was to tired. After a few years of this I just stoped trying.IN 1998 I started having some problems so I went to the doctor and was put on something for depression,and a few other things.Any way I can not get full erection.I have had about three back operations,I take pain pills for that,Have you any suggestions.I have been married 29 years and still love her but something has to change.

    Steve Grubs

  2. Doc Gerry Says:

    Steve… there are many causes of erectile dysfunction. The number one factor is Depression and Stress. One also has to consider medications for hypertension, diabetes etc can also contribute to ED. In your case Steve, I believe depression still is the factor to resolve not only on your part but also on your wife. Check your medications for high bloopd pressure and talk to your doctor if they can contribute to your ED

  3. BlueZeus Says:

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  4. This Blog is giving valuable Tips preventing cure importance to avoid erectile dysfunction. Hopefully it may be easy to understand for all.

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