Signs of Aging? Better Check Your Thyroid Gland…

May 8, 2008

Go to fullsize imageIf you complain of too much fatigability, or weakness and memory loss.. these may not be signs of aging but rather an abnormality in your thryoid gland. 

So where is the thyroid gland?  It is found in the neck just below the Adam’s apple.  Any malfunction of the thyroid gland results in a reduction body temperature ( you cant tolerate cold) , decrease in heart rate and muscle strength as well as increase in cholesterol.  Worst of all the symptoms are a decrease in memory and mood due to a sluggish feeling and weight gain.  When  these symptoms occur, you feel tired all the time and may blame aging as the culprit!

It si very easy to check thru blood tests called TSH ot Thyroid Stimulating Hormone and Free T4 or the thyroid hormone.  These tests are readily available but must be interpreted properly because any mistake in analysis can results in a wrong therapy.  Make sure you have the test confirmed for evaluation by a certified endocrinologist in your area.

A High TSH and Low FT4 is diagnostic.  Treatment is simple and requires thyroid hormone replacement. And boom…you will feel better, become more active and better sense of well being!  And feel young again!

So The next time….

You Feel unexpectedly Sluggish?…Check your Thyroid!

2 Responses to “Signs of Aging? Better Check Your Thyroid Gland…”

  1. cedrick Says:

    hi there! thanks for ur blogs i find it helpful, just have a question regarding thyroid problems. my fiancee is under medication– taking thyroid supplement 75 mg, and now she is pregnant would their be any effect on her? like does she have to continue taking the medicine or just lessen the dosage? does she need to see her doctor or do some tests?

  2. Doc Gerry Says:

    No effect at all if the medication is taken as replacement due to hypothyroidism. In fact she will have problems on herself as well as the baby if she stops. But be sure to check her thyroid function every trimester as there may be a need to double her dose in due time to accomodate the needs of her baby.

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