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Losing Weight By Managing HUNGER

April 30, 2007

imagesrt.jpgOf the many diet fads that are out today… probably the one that I believe has the best physiological basis is limiting intake by preventing hunger.  And of the different foods that we eat, we seldom select which of the many can make us feel full faster without necessarily putting us off balance in weight!

In one study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the lead author Dr Susan Holt established a satiety index. Taking similar portions of popular foods with the same amount of calories… then compare them with a slice of white bread, giving it a rank of 100.  The popular oatmeal ( which I eat every morning) has a high satiety level at 209.  The yummy doughnut on the other hand ranked 68. A similar calorie serving of boiled potatoes ranked highest at 323,  while French fries score just 116.

The above study shows that with the same amount of calories, eating a bowl of oatmeal already makes you feel full.  BUT you need to eat 3 to 4 doughnuts or 2 packs of french fries to reach your satiety level!  But how many calories have you accumulated?

Water on the other hnad play a very important role in achieving satiety BUT not the water we drink with our meals.  Talking about satiety or the feeling of fullness and satisfaction, unfortunately we dont feel that with water alone!  It’s the water or volume coming from the fruits and vegetables and soup that gives us the fullness faster.  THUS, the recommendation ( which I have been advising in the past) is to start ones meal with a broth based soup to help you achieve satiety faster at a lesser calorie load!

Managing hunger in between meals with snacks can also come a long way in helping you curb that urge to eat more when your hungry. Again high in volume from fruits like apple can help achieve that satiey faster with more fiber helping you achieve fullness longer!

The key to successful weight loss is based on what you feel you are comfortable with.  It has to be a discipline or habit change that you can sustain throughout your life…to be effective and lasting!

Eating What’s Right Does Not Mean Feeling Deprived!