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A Way To Permanently Remain THIN

April 25, 2007

3582380440.jpgHave you experienced being envious to a friend who eats but never gets fat?  It may really be in the genes but now a new study can make this a reality if the problem is resolved early in life.  We know that by the time we drink milk… we see babies getting bigger and bigger because of the saturated fat and the high sugar content in full cream milk.  Once the habit of over feeding is in place… then the difficulty in losing the accumulated fat results when we reach adulthood.  Needless to say, the parents or the grandparents just want the babies to look fat so they can look CUTE!

29037632431.jpgIn a recent article published in the January 2007 issue of the American Journal of Physiology, incorporating LEPTIN in a baby formula resulted in subjects remaining slim with lesser chances of developing obesity related illnesses like diabetes even on a high fat meal.

Leptin, a breakthrough hormone in the field of obesity is the fat hormone that turns off hunger in the brain.  In the study, the rat subject fed with formula supplemented with leptin, remained slim even if they were fed with high fat diet!  SOUNDS GREAT! 

 This is the first study that looks so promising that incorporating leptin in a meal may hopefully mean the end to our quest to combat obesity!  It is still far from reality but again this can lead to more studies to exploit the finding and hopefully be funded to become what we hope to be reality!

The studies therefore help us understand that the effect of leptin in a human body may start early in life even before we are born.  In fact, feeding the hormone to pregnant rats resulted in a  animals born to remain lean even when fed a high fat diet, compared to animals born of untreated mothers suggesting the impact of leptin in the developing fetus!  The authors believe that “the difference boils down to energy expenditure. such that the offspring of leptin-treated mothers burn up more energy.”

More good news to us who love food and want to remain thin! The thought of just putting a pinch of leptin to a pound of steak of a pan of pizza seems Magic!

BUT…definitely for now… the recommendation remains: 

…eat the right food….

…..exercise daily and live positively…

Stay Healthy To Be Wealthy!