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Living with Covid and Vaccinated in the New Normal

April 15, 2022

What to expect when We Return to Normalcy with COVID?

More countries are shifting toward a return to normal and learning to live with the virus. We know that Safe, and effective vaccines have been developed and we also have better understanding of how to treat people sickened by the virus in a way to prevent them from dying from the complications of the disease.

However, Two years after the pandemic began, a lot of questions still remain and among the many uncertainties are the long term risks and complications post covid infections… but unlike before, we now know a lot more about how to keep covid infection under control.

Since Alert Level 1 in our country, The markets are already crowded and Traffic is jamming the roads again. Malls are again packed with people including restaurants. More and more restrictions have been lifted.

But It isn’t quite how things were before the COVID-19 pandemic — mask mandates still exist— but with infections steadily declining, life in South Asia is returning to a sense of normalcy. Countries have slowly been opening up.

While experts agree that opening up is the right move amid falling case numbers, they caution that optimism should be tempered with lessons from the past two years.

How then should we live with the Virus?