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Diet Sodas and Your Kidneys… BEWARE!

December 17, 2009

Drinking soad is not really helping people achieve a healthier lifestyle.  They contain no vitamins or macronutrients except artificial flavoring, sodium ,artifical color and sweetener.  People drink soda instead of water or milk or the healthier tea.

Now comes some no to good  health news relating to intake of diet soda and kidney function. 

During the recent convention of the American Society of Nephrology comes a novel finding of diet soda and kidney function.  The study from Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Bosto involving 3,256 women, median age of 67 participating in the Nurses’ Health Study were involved.  Apparently, there is an association between increase intake of diet soda and the decline in kidney function apprently related to the sodium content.

Results of the study showed that women who drank diet soda > 2 cns a day resulted in a 30% decline of kidney function which was considered significant.  The results persisted even after considering other factors, such as age, physical activity, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

No link howevere was ssen among women who took less than 2 diet sodas per day.

Implications of the study:  Some women I know use diet sodas to help them lose weight.  To help them reduce their cravings for food and to make feel full easily.  It may be true that they contain zero caloris but now concerns regarding the food additives, the artificial coloring and the high sodium content of these drinks may cause harm.

Long term prospective studies however need to be done to determine the exact culprit of the decline…. but for now…suffice it to say taht diet sodas will always be at the bottom of the health food pyramid…and should never be used as a substitute for milk or water.

So this Christmas season…maybe a can every not so often will suffice.  Even during this merry holiday season, lets not forget that health is still a priority and  for me…. the best gift I can offer to myself!