The Opportunity to Learn More….

August 21, 2007

imagesq1.jpgA tidbit news: It is but interesting to note that my alma mater where I trained my endocrinology fellowship continues to lord over the rest of the IVY League institutions since the 1997.  Below is the list of the Best Hospitals in Endocrinology….


U.S. News has ranked 173 hospitals in 16 specialties.                                                                           

  1.  Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minn.      
  2.  Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston  
  3. Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore                             
  4. University of California, SF Medical Center       
  5. New York-Presbyterian
  6. Cleveland Clinic                                                           
  7.  Washington University, St. Louis                                
  8. University of Virginia Medical Center                         
  9. Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston                      
  10. Hospital University of Pennsylvania                          

Ones professional training whether it may be music, culture or medicine will always be part of ones life… It will be engrained in ones DNA.  And wherever you are and whatever you do, you will always carry with you the name of the institution that made you who you are.

Once a rare opportunity knocks …  grab it! And not because of luck but because one strives to get it… through hard work and dedication- then you deserve it!

My belief is that one should not settle for less but to aim for what is the best in field!  I will be going for my third preceptorship this November at UCSF and Stanford in Endocrinology.  I was at Harvard in 2004 and Johns Hopkins in 2005 for the same preceptorship program. For me nothing beats Mayo Clinic!  But the opportunity to have been trained by the #1 Endocrinology Hospital and the chance to be sent for preceptorship training in the top 2 and 3 hospital and again this november to UCSF- Stanford Program is a rare opportunity that I will not fail to grab and look forward to learning what they can offer.

In life we should not stop to learn and learn.  That’s what I teach my kids.  It is through learning and exploring that we get smarter and wiser! Never give yourself a break from learning new things!  It may come from reading books, your travels or your meetings with other people.  For me to continue learning is the other meaning of happiness from within!

Grab Whatever Opportunity You Have To Learn…

2 Responses to “The Opportunity to Learn More….”

  1. Dorothy Says:

    What a feat! Congrats Doc and you deserve it! And I agree that learning should be forever.

  2. Doc Gerry Says:

    Aim high and dont settle for less….

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